"There's got to be more than this..."

In a small town just outside of Chicago, IL in a broken home, Yeske’s passion and escape was always found within the rhythm of his love for people and the music he loved.


Hurt by the church at a young age, Yeske ran from his purpose and calling into the arms of a mistress named “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll”. Becoming a successful producer and the frontman of a popular rock band, touring and opening for acts to the likes of Fall Out Boy and Plain White T’s, Yeske still continued to feel the deep hole in his heart. After the flashing lights and party nights he lay in bed thinking, “there’s got to be more than this”.



"Everything changed..."

6yrs later Yeske had an encounter moment that changed his life forever. He was radically set free from his vices and commissioned to live out his life with the mission of helping people unlock their true purpose and passion. Yeske was called out of the music industry and into youth ministry  to change the lives of countless teens all over the nation by working under youth ministry legend Jeanne Mayo at a premier church of 13k people.



"Called outside of the four walls and into the four corners..."

After 10 life changing years of leading a highly successful youth ministry and pastoring hundreds of leaders, God has called Yeske out of the four walls and back into the four corners of the world from which he came from. Yeske has now further expanded his reach by traveling and speaking to thousands of youth internationally, coaching emerging leaders and creative influencers through his highly impactful coaching company called "Prodigy Co." .

Yeske is now traveling the country full-time his beautiful wife and 3 young children. Whether it’s coaching, speaking or simply loving his family, Yeske is obsessed with the call of helping people unlock their gift & find their why in this life. 


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